How to Hang our XOXO Rugs


Your rug will come with our custom, highly sophisticated, hanging system with wire already attached to one side.


The rug will have pre made holes on the backing. Insert the dowel into one side.


Insert all the way until it looks like the above image. Each end of the wire will be taped, so you don’t stab yourself!


The dowel will be visible on the other side if inserted correctly.


Make sure before twisting the wire on the other side, that the wire will sit 1-1.5cm below the top of the rug when taut.


Whilst holding the “peak” of the wire, twist the other end (twice around the dowel) in place. Careful you don’t get stabbed!


The end result. You can now hang your rug. Hooray!
Just take the dowel out if you want to use it as a rug!